Epic Carbon Comp 29 Review

The Specialized Epic Comp Carbon 29 is an excellent companion for those fast, all-day cross-country trail outings when you’ve got a lot of ground to cover and little time to do it. The proven four-bar rear suspension design lends 100mm of smooth travel while the corresponding Brain auto-lockout shock ensures it only moves when it should, the carbon fiber front triangle saves some weight and adds handling precision over an equivalent aluminum structure, and fast-rolling 29″ wheels simply devour smaller obstacles and help maintain momentum.

As has been the case for years, one of the brightest points of Specialized’s ‘FSR’ shorter-travel full-suspension designs is the true four-bar rear end’s ultra-active personality that stands in contrast to some other short-travel configurations that can have a distinctly tauter feel, particularly on smaller features. On rougher terrain the Epic setup is fantastically adept at maintaining tire contact and has a gently progressive spring rate that makes good use of its modest 100mm of movement while still lending that characteristically smooth, pillowy ride that oftentimes can literally save your ass after a long day.

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